iKase Features

iKase functionality has been crafted in conjunction with large and small legal firms, to best address the needs of the legal worker community. Moreover, these features can customized just for your firm, because the modular architecture allows us to build the software to match your exact needs.


  • Various Listing Modes
  • Advance Case Search
  • Activity and Inactivity Reports
  • Year/Month Summaries
  • Import Case from EAMS
  • Integrated EAMS Search


  • Fast Algorithm
  • Rolodex Functionality
  • Integrated EAMS Companies
  • Search by Case Type



  • Categorize Uploads
  • Upload as Batch Scan
  • Letter Templates
  • PDF Form Templates
  • Demographic Document
  • Integrated EAMS Submissions



  • Firm Listing
  • Case Listing
  • EAMS Court Calendar Integration
  • Sync with Outlook, Google Calendar


  • Interoffice
  • Email Integration
  • Phone Messages
  • Chat Functionality



  • ADJ Filling No Additional Typing (ADJ # In 2 Hours)
  • DOR
  • DOR (E)
  • Lien
  • All EAMS Legal Forms Can Be Filed Through iKase



  • Notifications
  • Overdue Indicator
  • Firm and Case Level Tasks



  • Email Integration
  • Activity Monitor
  • Job Assignments


  • Email all Clients
  • Generate Envelopes for All Clients
  • Track Client Activity


Save Money

  • No Server Needed
  • No Programs To Install
  • All Updates Are Automatic
  • No Back Ups To Worry About
  • Best Customer Service
  • On 24/7 Via- Pc /Tablet / Phone